Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I am running for City Council to ensure City Hall makes smart decisions on important issues like protecting pension reform, repairing our roads and infrastructure, and creating good-paying jobs.

Protecting pension reform means your tax dollars will pay for more 911 dispatchers, police officers and other services, instead of bloated government pensions.

I am opposed to both downtown stadium plans, each of which would be among the highest tax increases in the city’s history. Both also would threaten our tourism economy and jobs. Visitors spend nearly $10 billion annually in San Diego and tourism employs 181,000 San Diegans.

I have met many of you as I have crisscrossed neighborhoods and knocked on thousands of doors, and these are the issues you have said are important to you.

My work as a small business owner and job creator, coupled with more than two decades of volunteer community service, give me the experience many of you have said you want from your City Council representative.

I have taken on several leadership roles as a community volunteer with numerous non-profits working on important issues like child abuse, education, homelessness, our environment, workforce development, pension reform, and community planning.

I live in Carmel Valley with my wife Gina and our son Jake, and my promise to everyone in District 1 is simple: I will make smart and cost-effective decisions that ensure we protect our quality-of-life and environment while promoting robust economic growth and protecting jobs and our local economy.

I do not support raising your taxes to build the Chargers a new stadium, and you won’t see any spending binges on public employee pensions on my watch.

For those concerned about our roads and infrastructure, I wholeheartedly support Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s initiative to repair 1,000 miles of streets over 5 years. I also support Councilmember Mark Kersey’s Rebuild San Diego measure, or Proposition H, on the June 7th ballot. It will provide approximately $4 billion over 25 years for roads and infrastructure repairs – without raising taxes. We are going to be smart about repairs and maintenance in our neighborhoods and we are going to make it a priority.

We also are going to protect voter-approved reforms, starting with the pension reform measure San Diego voters overwhelmingly supported four years ago. Some unions are attacking the measure and trying to unwind it. As a volunteer board chair of the city’s Pension Board, I helped guide the City out of its pension crisis. I helped lead the effort to pass the voter-approved changes, which will save taxpayers $1 billion – money the City is investing in our roads, parks, libraries, police, fire and other neighborhood services. I will continue to protect pension reform and the will of the voters.

The impacts of the drought continue to impact ratepayers and I am proposing we meet this challenge head-on. As a volunteer board chair of a local environmental non-profit, I have worked to improve the region’s water sustainability. I have helped educate water users and I will continue to do so on the City Council. Education is critical but it is only part of the solution. My water supply plan produces a locally-controlled, drought-proof, sustainable water supply and reduces our reliance on expensive, imported water.

As for our local economy, I am going to make sure we are doing everything we can to promote our innovation economy and create good-paying jobs right here in San Diego. Too often government stifles job growth through layers of redundant regulations – trust me, I’ve experienced it as a small business owner.

I want to take what I know – about community service, business and government – and help our neighborhoods, our schools, our economy and our City thrive. I would be honored to have your vote. Thank you!

At Voices for Children, Ray helped change the lives of numerous abused children who were trapped in difficult circumstances. He helped secure much-needed legal representation for hundreds of abused foster kids who were getting shuffled through the courts.

At Second Chance, Ray helped hundreds of people, including Angie Elsbury, find a job and a home.


“Ray and Second Chance believed in me when many people did not,” said Elsbury, who is married and works at a local Von’s. “Ray helped me create a better life for myself and my daughter.”

At Equinox enter, Ray helped lead an effort to annually measure San Diego’s air and water quality and numerous other quality-of-life indicators. His work ensured elected officials put the environment at the forefront of their policy decisions.

“Anyone who has worked with Ray will attest to his commitment to creating lasting change in San Diego,” said Kathlyn Mead, President & CEO of the San Diego Foundation, while presenting Ray with San Diego Social Venture Partner’s Community Leadership Award in 2014 for “A life dedicated to community service.”

Ray is a past Board Chair of Second Chance and Equinox Center and past Board Member of Voices for Children, the Balboa Park Conservancy, the San Diego Workforce Partnership Workforce Investment Board, and the Lux Art Institute. Ray serves on the boards of The Parker Foundation, the Del Mar Mesa Community Planning Board and Head Start. He also is a member of the EDC Strategic Roundtable and San Diego Grantmakers’ Finance Committee.

In addition to his volunteer activities, Ray coaches his son’s basketball and football teams, and he manages the activities of a private foundation that helps fund numerous non-profit organizations, including Reality Changers and the Education Synergy Alliance.

Ray also is a successful small business owner who started a national marketing firm from his garage.

Ray is an independent problem solver running for City Council to fix our roads, protect pension reform and create good-paying jobs. Mayor Kevin Faulconer, Ernest Rady and community leaders from La Jolla, University City, Carmel Valley and Del Mar Heights have endorsed Ray.